Thursday, 27 November 2014

London: The Weekend Off - a new travel thriller just published

Yes, it's official, I've just published my second novel:

a Rom-Com Travel Adventure Thriller - 

and I've already got a review for it...

 Tom Edwards has a new book out on Amazon. He describes it as a 'rom-com thriller'. It's that rare entity - a story told in the present tense that actually works. Funny and scary by turns, it tracks the path of a tour guide who gets mixed up in stuff that's none of his business - in between bedding beautiful women and falling over an array of fascinating characters - all in a rare weekend off. Check it out at the link below.

Satima Flavell

Leading hedonistic tours around Europe, Nick is used to the surreal. But he isn’t expecting it to follow him home to London - and that’s before he wakes up with his boss’ girlfriend. Then there is the missing £2million, the Turkish mafia, the drug squad, being dumped by his girlfriend and having his sister kidnapped. Will true love triumph by Monday? Or will his reluctant housebreaking and losing his trousers, all prove to be in vain? And what’s with the footballer?

available on Amazon

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