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Monday Rides Again -Just Published

Hi Everyone, 

Just wanted you to know I have a new Novel out available through Smashwords or Amazon called Monday Rides Again.

And here is what I think it's about:

1985. Jack Monday had been a war correspondent, one of the best, until the wrong people died. 
He quit, got a reporters job in London, met an American girl, fell in love and tried to forget the past. Life was good.
But she had problems too...and secrets. She dumped him - long distance.
That was the day they blew up the oil refinery and his editor sent him to New York to interview the owner. He went, but only to win back his girl.
It should have been simple, but she'd disappeared and so had the refinery's owner. Then he met the movie star: pretty and hard-boiled. Did she want to kill him or love him? As for the Chinese Warlord: he clearly wanted him dead and suddenly New York was too dangerous for him to stick around.
So there he was, on a Thai film set with a movie star as a new side-kick. Was this love or confusion? It was just a pity her father was the enemy.
And what were his old war-buddies doing in Bangkok? And why were the CIA involved and what did they have to do with his girl being missing?
That’s when the shooting started in earnest and he found himself chasing kidnappers and smugglers from the docklands of Bangkok to the jungles of Burma – both hunter and hunted. 
After the last time, he’d vowed he’d never go to war again, he was no hero, but sometimes it was the only way and neither the ghosts of his past or the woman he loved could hold him back.
And he still had to save the girl. 
It was time for Monday to ride again

Or read the review: 5.0 out of 5 stars  1 review
5.0 out of 5 stars A very good Holiday read, will be a film if the right producer reads it! 3 July 2013
By Pop - Published on

First - its not a Western!

This book moves along at a good pace with something always around the next turn, as I read, i could not help putting actors forward for the principal parts, who would be Monday (Ben Affleck in my mind) and who would be the leading ladies?? I had Hayden Panettiere as Tara, Megan Fox as Nina, and Nikki Read as Kate. I even found a cameo for Ring Star as the ageing photo journalist. But who are 'the villain's? - read it and see!
At the end you are left with questions unanswered so we know 'Monday will ride again'

So read it before it's a film - But if Ben Affleck reads it, it will be a cracking film.

To get the book you can click the link: 

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